Saturday, March 21, 2009

What else to blog

Hello everyone. Its been quite sometime since I have blogged. I have started to appreciate the greatness of weekends. I have turned into one of those guys waiting for friday evenings. Well it does not happen all the time but some weeks I just can't wait for weekends to come. So when weekend does come I just don't want to do anything. You know what I am saying right. I just want to listen to some music, sleep and eat. NY weather also has been helping in this matter for quite some time now :) . So the only thing useful and interesting I can do, sitting on my bed, is blog. But whenever I go to>New Post->Blinking cursor I can't think of anything to share and after sometime I get bored by the blinking cursor.

I am not a economist to blog about the economy and curse Wall Street. If I do write about it, the only thing the readers will take away from it is me crying out loud 'Save the goddamn economy'.
I am not a traveler to blog about beauty of nature and post pictures of all the places I have been.
I am not a writer to blog about 'How to write a good blog'.
Well then I ask myself 'Who am I?". That's when I start to feel hungry and eat some maggi (noodles). Don't start judging :) . I am not who you think I am. I am something. I will let you know soon..

Did you guys know that there is a website out there that helps you in coming up with ideas to blog? The website is The website name might be a little suspicious. But its legit guys. When you sign up for it, they send you an email every week with a one liner for you to come up with something to write. The last thing I got in my email was this:

What's the worst way you've ever dumped or been dumped by someone?

Breakups are never easy. How did you or your significant other make it even worse?

The next thing I did was I immediately got myself unsubscribed from the service and starting playing super mario on my PC.

There are two solutions:
1. I start writing short stories as gilmananda.
2. I always wanted to write about my school days and college days, showing a ray of hope to all those day scholars out there that they can have equal or more fun than hostelers.

The problem with the second solution is its too hard to express some of the funny experiences in writing. You will have maximum fun only if its visually expressed. But I am trying my level best to start writing about it.

So I hope you guys will also start blogging more often because that's the only thing that keeps me going during weekends... (big pause)..... well super mario too...(big pause)... sleeping too..(big pause)... movies too. Alright... blogging is ONE OF THE THINGS that keeps me going on weekends...

Until next time see you all and have a great weekend.

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  1. Vatsa,
    Thanks for improving the page rank of gilmanada :) ...
    long live gilma !

    btw, you can also try writing novels... that is a proven way to irritate audience worldover!! (Coutesy: ) ... well yes,that was a publicity stunt