Thursday, December 25, 2008

Not as bad as I thought

I am finally writing a blog. Its not as bad as I thought. I don't read blogs a lot. First thing I do when I switch on my laptop is check my email, randomly roam in orkut and facebook, read news, stumble for couple of hours, search for new music, and finally end by watching a movie online.

I was not that much involved with the web. I was like this till my first year of Masters. All I did was check my email and other social websites. Yup... Never missed the social websites esp. Orkut. I think people started realizing their freedom on the internet because of these social websites. Age of Web 2.0 I guess. There was all sorts of crazy stuff going on. You can learn a lot or you can end up downloading a virus by clicking on a link posted in a forum in orkut.

It was after my internship I got really excited about the web. I got chance to work on a website during my internship and found out how the whole thing works. So it started making a lot of sense to me. During my second year I was all about the web. I literally spent hours discovering websites. I ended up finding more websites that helped discover other websites. There was also one time when I discovered that anyone can make money using the internet with the help of ads. So my curiosity got over me and I created a website and posted ads on it. In the agreement's document, one bullet point was written in bold: You cannot click on ads posted on your website. So I reached out to my cousin and told him all about this. He being a good guy... clicked on ads at incredible rate. Two days later I got an email from Google adsense team: Sorry buddy, we are going to kill your account because of suspicious ad clicks. I thought to myself, Holy crap how did these guys find out. I knew then that Google were experts in AI. So that said it all. But believe it or not, because of my cousin, my balance in my account increased by $20. That solved by curiosity: It is real. You can get paid by doing something useful for others on the Internet.

But in this whole Internet drama, blog was never in my radar. Esp. writing a blog. But here I am. After one and half years of getting indulged in the internet I am finally sharing my thoughts on a blog. Hope I can write something useful for everyone.

And oh... Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone