Friday, January 9, 2009

Discovering interesting websites

I love exploring new websites. As technology keeps improving the quality of the websites improves drastically. I am going to the share some of the websites and tools that I usually use to discover new websites.

StumbleUpon - No doubt. This tool surely goes on top of my list. Previously stumble upon can be used only with toolbars installed in browsers. But now you can explore new websites using their website.  You get tons of options. You can stumble videos, pictures, websites, news articles, wikipedia pages, search on specific topics. This tool is also a social network. You can have friends and share links, articles with them. - Amazing website. Its a shared weblog. It lists some of the rarest websites which will be hard to find in other places. Look out for Cool Websites and Tools section.

DownloadSquad - Another shared weblog. This website focuses more on tech (software) news. Every once is a while it posts articles about interesting website. If you are seeing a website mentioned here, its definitely worth checking out.

Digg - A very interesting website and  the first of its kind. Its allows users to post articles on various categories and allows other users to rank (digg) the article. So based on the rank, you might either see that article on the first page or you might not. Even though this website is famous for articles, there are lots of posts on new websites in the Technology section.

Delicious -  The most famous and most used online bookmarking tool. Since most of the them make their bookmarks public, you should be able to get atleast a dozen matches for whatever you are searching for in this website.  This is a great way to find new websites. I rarely use it as you need to search for getting what you need. I don't know if I have that patience.

I use these websites on daily basis to find something interesting on web.   I knew about these below websites with the help of the ones listed above:

- Mint, Billmonk, Billy - light weight music player, Roxer, Clerkdogs - The most efficient movie recommendation website

Hope this will be useful. Please let me know if I have missed any good website here. See ya around.


  1. Great list, thanks! I'm addicted to Stumbleupon...

  2. Thanks to you. If you're looking for more interesting sites... have a look at Jinni (, "Pandora for movies"! Feedback welcome.

  3. I already did. I am using it right now.. Got to say.. its awesome. I have recommended to some of my friends already...

  4. That's great to hear! I'd be glad to hear your thoughts on our service anytime. Cheers!