Sunday, January 18, 2009

What is life without crappy movies... [ mōō'vē]

1. A movie with an attractive actress and a famous actor trying to do things that is unimaginable in the real world that makes you say 'what a crap' after around one and half hours.

Examples: The Happening, The Peacemakers, Miami Vice

My latest was The Peacemakers. It was so typical. The only motivation for me was Nicole Kidman. But she also turned out be someone who has a job title which is hard to remember and runs around with the actor (in this case its George Clooney) and finally ends up stopping the detonation of a nuclear war head at the last second and eventually ends up saving the world. And oh ya... you guessed it... after they are fully recovered the guy get a medal and they both end up dating. The poster says it all...

[caption id="attachment_24" align="alignnone" width="209" caption="You have no idea how thrilling this film is :) ..."]You have no idea how thrilling this film is....[/caption]

But if you ask me... Crappy movies are part of everyone's life. Its hard to avoid them. Probably fifteen years back the probability of someone watching a crappy movie is more because its hard to get a review before you end up watching it in the theater. But nowadays... there is no excuse.. If you are watching a crappy movie.. its purely your fault :). You wanted to watch it simply to find out how crappy it was. I still remember the last time I watched a movie like that on the big screen. This time it was with my friends. We all knew that the movie was so crappy that we had some fun reading the reviews. Yet we ended up watching the movie. After an hour or so everyone started saying 'What the hell! Nothings happening'. You guessed it again... the name of the movie is 'The Happening'. I am not exaggerating here. Nothing actually happened in the movie.

But for me crappy movies still ranks above Cleaning the house and Cooking anytime.

One thing I have noticed is crappy movies are so much fun when you watch it with friends who are ready to mock it from start to end.  There was this one time, we were all getting geared up for a movie because the tagline  read 'If the sun dies, so do we'. OOOOOOO... thats ...[big pause]... interesting. This time the movie was not all bad. It was almost on the edge but still bearable because it was not happening on earth and the genre was Sci-Fi. But we still ended up mocking (mostly by my friends) so bad that we missed couple of important scenes in the film and ended up getting confused at the end. The name of this movie was 'Sunshine' and the Danny Boyle was the director. Note: Good directors also create crappy movies.

So if at all you badly want to watch a crappy movie.. try to watch it with your friends. You will end up having some fun.

I am ending my weekend by watching another movie.. this time a good one..

Happy watching movies everyone.... Enjoy!


  1. "But for me crappy movies still ranks above Cleaning the house and Cooking anytime."

    No surprise to anyone who has been friends/roommates with you.

    As far as the issue at hand is concerned, I totally agree. Some days when I am down and out on confidence and motivation I watch these just to reassure myself that I am still way above deep S&%$. I prefer the Bollywood and kollywood ones though [Proud Indian ;D]

  2. I have done so much for 10 A, I dont know how you even have the heart to say something like that ;).

    Actually yes. Have to start watching crappy movies in tamil. Latest being Vel starring Vijay. We all know how its going to be..

  3. Dashavatharam - crappiest of them all

  4. Dude,
    I think the award should go to BURN AFTER READING. I am still not able to come out of the shock the movie gave to me. I took the brunt as i took some of my friends also to see the movie!!


  5. Vatsa,
    Nice blog!

    I have been a RCMW myself (Routine Crappy Movie Watcher , if you have not decrypted by now) for the past 6-7 years. In fact, i strongly believe that the human race still manages to surivive because crappy movies are made... I just wanted to end this comment with an instant quote that pops up in my head...
    "Crappy movie is a lot like love. It is universal . Language, Location , Beauty are absolutely no barriers" !